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About Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen is a business consultant, author, trainer and coach.

His passion for business started at age 16 when he won an entrepreneurship contest in high school.

At age 21, he launched his first business (a commercial signage business) with a 5-page business plan that secured a loan from the Bank of Development Canada. He successfully repaid the loan, and went on to work for large corporations to acquire business, marketing and sales skills (IBM, American Express, CDI Corporate Education Services, Abbott Laboratories, Silgan Plastics, Desjardins Ducharme and the Justice Department of Canada).

In 1995, he launched a graphic design firm that failed, and tried again in 2000 and succeeded this time by creating Major Force Communications.

In 2003, he left Major Force Communications precisely when it was taking off on a success trajectory, feeling his place was elsewhere.

After much soul searching, he decided on July 4, 2006 to serve as CEO of Talentelle, a training company he co-founded with his sister Zoonie.

In 2010, after creating over 40 workshops which are now offered free of charge to women worldwide through, he left Talentelle to create a strategic artificial intelligence (SAI) company that was under construction since 2003, called Omni Digital Brain.

Omni Digital Brain’s products and product-creation platforms are inspired by the work of inventor Ray Kurzweil. The key insight is that by merging infotech with business, a business could create exponential wealth because each product or technology generation can serve as a platform for creating the next generation of products, processes and platforms.

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