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Unsystematic Working for Money

August 20, 2011

The ebook Systematic Wealth Creation teaches a system that is quite the opposite of mainstream thinking where a person engages, during some 40 years of her life, in what I call the “unsystematic working for money.”

First, her work is not leveraged by a system, hence it is unsystematic.

Second, she is working, not creating.

Third, she is only getting money as compensation — not assets.

In Systematic Wealth Creation, I explain the Financial Freedom Sequence where a person goes through these phases in order to become financially free:

  • Training
  • Skills
  • Value
  • Cash
  • Assets (which you control or which others control, such as publicly traded companies)
  • Businesses
  • IP

In short, this ebook gives you the BIG PICTURE and explains capitalism and business.

Without the big picture, we would be doomed to live a very restricted life where we are forced to show up, five days a week and for 40+ years, in a place where we would rather not be.

By seeing the big picture and learning to play the (very simple) game of business, we can achieve financial freedom and live the life we want.


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