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Secret Financial Freedom Sequence

August 20, 2011

This is a secret sequence that enables people (usually the elite or those born into elite families) to naturally and effortlessly achieve financial freedom. That is, they no longer have to “work for a living.” They work at things they really enjoy.

They have become Sovereign Individuals, masters of their own fate and destiny.

They obey no man or woman and do not have to report to anybody.

They spend their days as they wish, hanging around with whoever they like to hang around with.

Now, you too can join the ranks of the elite by learning and MASTERING this sequence.

This sequence is very simple:

  • Training
  • Skills
  • Value
  • Cash
  • Assets (which you control or which others control, such as publicly traded companies)
  • Businesses
  • IP
Please note that the education offered in colleges and universities is NOT training. No wonder graduates have trouble finding a job!
Fortunately, since there is a talent shortage, employers are often willing to invest in the training of entry-level workers.
So a job is where a person usually creates value (the third phase).
A person could also create value as a freelancer.
Next, the challenge is to turn one’s hard-earned money into ASSETS (real estate, stock (share of a publicly traded company), etc.).
Most white-collar workers are smart enough to invest in the stock market for it offers a higher return than a bank account.
The challenge, however, is to be able to CREATE assets which one totally owns and can control strategically.
Then, from those assets, one can create a business which can create jobs, new assets and new growth platforms (from which to generate NEW revenue). Facebook is an example of a NGP.
Finally, after having practiced business for a while and having streamlined operations and “debugged” all troubles and problems, one can package one’s business “recipe” into an operations manual (which is intellectual property).
One can then license or franchise one’s business.
This is what Dragon investor and multimillionaire Jim Treliving has done, with Boston Pizza which has over 300 locations.

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  1. Tobias Gitlewski permalink

    Financial freedom is a word that has taken primacy in the 21st century. It is a term that describes a lifestyle that is organically planned where no one is required to work for income to cover their expenses. Financial freedom perpetuates that one can be free of the responsibilities of money as long as he has set a life defining plan to handle his finances.:

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